the borocay necklace

workkkkkkkn it in meh FAVE iro paris tee and leather jacket from luxury jones.
and naturally Rossmore Borocay, and last, free people hat 

out of the oven! i mold and cast them with three bales so
that i may choose in the final hour whether they will be short or long
or use one or two bales for the design. planning ahead allows for flexibility
which is essential in my small business
just out of casting and prior to polishing

 after plating, in assembly!

ohhh the rose is so hot!!

 im into this silver one right now

btw this can totally be worn with a blazer or business-y jacket! 
but WAITTT, it's also great with a fun dress situation.

a la 

or when you gotta get a slurpee

 cuz it's hot here in Cali! =D
VERSATILITY is essential to me in my design process. im actually a very practical person. so that's why i try to stick to classics, but with a flare or turned upside down somehow! ya know. thats the secret. classic, but different :0