bougainvillea blooms

went out the other day with my friend, Actress and Photographer Marisa Lauren , and we took
some great photos along the LA River

I'm a jeweler, and love to wear fun and funky jewelry that I make, as well as friends jewelry too, ,,
so I wear lots of what would be deemed 
'plain clothing'
but I like it. I like a uniform.
Im super jeans and tee shirt.
I prefer premium denim. and also luxe tees.
usually white or black,
and then LOTS of interesting jewelry
I also have a ton of hair and am curvy so
wearing crazy clothing just looks TOO busy on me.
its like that whole thing where you get ready and then take one thing off.
i do that but in the way I dress. by taking away busy clothing, LOL
so its just my jewelry and ME
we stand out :)
& i like a more refined easy going aesthetic anyway
as im so so so type A.
it makes things easier in my life that way
and then the expression is in the JEWELRY!!
which is my passion.

happy shopping! check the new batch of stones and also since the airing,
a tshirt mfc reached out and as a result,  I'm working on our new Rossmore Tee Shirt line!!

stay tuned

ttfn xx