crystal starfields

crystal starfields of my mind 

i make art. i am an artist. i love these rings like they are my children. im not gonna lie. it was hard to find the detachment within in order to sell them. i carved them and set them with my bare hands. and poured hours and hours into the purchasing of the stone and then into the lyrical nature of the placements and designs etc. ..but i did find the strength. the engagement ring on the left went to the most amazing and lovely rock star couple i have ever met. she was just genius on every level. i cant. im so blessed to have the customers i have. its divine. and her fiancee. well like i said straight up legit rockstar. if i could have picked the people to buy my ring. this would have been them. the lord has an awesome plan for us! and my his was strong for me! im humbled by the amount of love ive been getting on my rings. such a gift.
as for the others. the one with the three stones went to the most amazing collector. she is an arts advocate, fashionista, philanthropist and force to be reckoned with. and she literally was like. i've never seen anything like this in my whole entire life. and she bought it right then and there. again. only god could orchestrate such a thing for me. and well. the red seas parted in that moment. 
and last
the starfields ring.
omg. this one was truly channeled. i love it so.
i really do
i LOVE it.
the lashes are stars! carving those little babies was a feat in it and of itself! 
and a couple from new york purchased it. they are too musicians and found it to be just the thing they were looking for. totally unique and off the wall crazy beautiful is what they said! and i will take it.
anyhow, why am i so adamant about my gratitude? well, even when you've been making jewelry as long as I have, you still think, well is this going to work? 
its like throwing yourself off a cliff over and over and always the same, hoping the net will appear.
and yet some how it always does.
im so grateful to all my friends and supporters and well. the awesome god of my meager conception that all glory is his. 

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