put a little love in your heart

 I mean, how pretty are our new handmade hearts with diamonds? we've been having fun mixing things up in the studio with diamonds lately. I'm kind of obsessed. not going to lie. i truly know why diamonds are a girls best friend!!! so preeeety!

& Yeah, put a little love in your heart!!! btw it's our 10 Year Anniversary Year Yall!! Like how did this even happen?

I Would love for you to read this here: http://rossmorela.com/love-light - Because we just announced that our website is now dedicated to raising funds for charity. 20 percent of every sale will go to charity. And perhaps in the future even more as this initiative grows!

This all being said,  it's time to order your jewelry with Rossmore for ALL your occasions, because we are committed to spreading love and light globally! What other luxury companies are doing this?

Hit us up if you would like one of the above necklaces, or to even custom order a diamond heart of any kind. we take commission work, although we are a little pushed out, like not even kidding til Mother's Day! but that is a good reason to order now! And also because we give a little back!


1) Eternity Heart - http://rossmorela.com/product/eternity-heart

2)You're the One - http://rossmorela.com/product/you-re-the-one

3)Open Heart Forever - http://rossmorela.com/product/open-heart-forever