friends of the animals


Dogs are pure joy! 

Cliff and I took the puppies out for a stroll in our neighborhood. A local artist had planted a flower field as a living art piece. She artfully planted all types of wild flowers for her #helianthushalle. The result was quite spectacular. So we snapped some adorable pix of Dash, Penolope and Maggie, our Beloveds! It got me thinking, about how we used to raise money with Planet Blue for Hope for Paws, and now with our 10 Year Initiative, we want to do our best to raise more!

We present to you : Rossmore Dog Tags

our amazing dog tags are hand made in LA.
can be engraved with your 
dogs name and a phone number.
these are made from brass. and are quite nice and durable, they come on a stainless steel split ring
buying one of these raises money for 

hope for paws 

in this special case, 40% of the sale goes to http://www.hopeforpaws.org/donationrecurring

special thanks to Dash for posing
and to @HeatherJohnsons beloved Johnnie Johnson

they look really cute with these collars:  https://cacollarco.com/