Diamond Blessings

so i've been playing with diamonds,

[ i mean what a phrase is that!]

i CANNOT believe that i'm even doing it. 
i just went for it, 
thankfully from the encouragement of my amazing husband Cliff.

truly i never had designs about 'getting into diamonds' ,,, not even an inkling
but im grateful i did because im addicted! 

this is a result of working with Landry's for a year and a half,
through the amazing show Billion Dollar Buyer  [ig: @billiondollarbuyer ]
and Tilman Fertitta and Co [ig: @tilmanjfertitta ] 
and their amazing
mentorship in growing our business!

we couldnt't be more proud, thrilled, and exhilerated!!!!!

i from the bottom of my heart hope that 
you like the first batch of art-driven, handcarved and constructed 
designs ive channeled! they come straight from my heart and hands to you!

please have a more detailed looksy here:

the work pix are of me handsetting the diamonds with diamond setting tools.
i will make sure to film some work one of these days and upload so you can see!

and email us if you have questions about anything!