shake it up baby

through our opportunity on Billion Dollar Buyer, we have developed more capabilities and know how than ever!  we recently designed this mini collection with the help of one of our amazing new contacts that reached out after the show! we designed and they helped us with cads and did the rest.

{ THIS IS NOT OUR NORMAL PROCESS --> jewelry tip: try breaking up the work done between yourself and others. it can help your work load and cut costs too. ie one place cast, another solder. etc. hint: vertical mfcs in la are wayyyy too spendy. ---> DO IT YOURSELF!!! as much as you can. --->we wanted to try out this way though. so we did. it was fun but way too expensive, note to self.}

anyhow, decided to quickly shoot it on myself!! because i couldn't wait!!!  i'll be planning a real shoot very soon. i love my process. make. freak out fall in love. can't wait for anyone else... then a few weeks later into the studio to plan something magnificent because i  personally have to see how i settle on the feels... its just my process. 

anyhow, hope y'all love these as much as i do. it was a real pleasure making these designs. & nnnnnow all for you to enjoy too! 

shake it up baby mini collection


taye slay

the woman is on FIRE. these are from her trip to The Four Seasons in Hawaii, with Angie Silvy .

They made magic.

outfit (featuring some of our wares) :

Round Cuff:  Rossmore LA
Large Cuff: Rossmore LA
Sunnies: Quay
Flats: Senso
photos: Angie Silvy 


silver rock star

my friend Molly just opened her super inspired store. 

~taking creative direction from her own life, her wares hail from experiences being bi-city! ...she muses from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree and brings you the ultimate pieces- handpicked INSANE vintage as well as new modern-ly translated lifestyle items- to live your badass socal life.

below are my fave picks. photos are live shopping links as long as they last!  #getthere.
---->peep the levis jacket i covet and the harley hatttttt especially *****

intergalactic planetry

I absolutely love these two creative muses @____crow____ and @sbeardy
They are marvels of love and light and both starting their own brands sooooon. 
Super proud of them.


photo one: @sbeardy photo of @____crow____
photo two: @____crow____ photo of @sbeardy
photo three: @suzyleq photo of @____crow____
photo four: @sbeardy photo of @____crow____

featuring Rossmore for RossmoreLA.com