oh blessed santa barbara

Cliffy and I spent an amazing weekend up in Santa Barbara courtesy of a friend at Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore !! INCREDIBLE!!! & My cousin met us as well, she likes to look at land, so we drove around one afternoon and found this, on our way to a property! I'm obsessed with these 'weeds' , their lovely white buds are incredible! Great backdrop created by Mother Earth no less.
Anyhow,, so much more to share from our weekend. But I loved this set first. ttfn. xx

Hat: Madewell
Ennara Heart Tassel Necklace: Rossmore.


chill, mi amor

these are from a little bit ago,, 
finally getting around to uploading some shots from Mexico!
Cliff and I had the opportunity to visit Tulum for a friend's amazing wedding! It was challenging to steal away for a few days, the studio is so busy!! But we neeeeded too, we've been working over-time all year, gratefully!!!
...So naturally, I knew I would be yoga-ing out in my spare time,,,and im not gonna post bikini pics on the internet...
 so I took to shopping online for fun loot to shoot down there! {My life is about creating my own opportunities, I feel. I know I turned pleasure into a work trip, but I love to work! good work is such a privilege. and I'm going to always chase my good work as hard as I can because it feels satisfying and most of all its fun! and I LOVEEEE to have FUNNNNN. it's my favorite.}

anyway, I ordered some really cute yoga gear from ChillByWill.com , obsessed much! this yoga wear really pulls it all in (which i need being curvy and all) and feels supportive, while ultra city cool. 
i got to practice yoga everyday down there, HEAVEN. and shoot some other loot too. which I will share soon! k.
omg and can we talk about the resort. it was bonkers. bonkers. bonkers. can't wait to go back.

whats up: 

moves, all my own. LOL