The Westside Collective does The Westside

~Badass Babe Series Part 2~

Featuring some of our fave babes and the inside scoop on some of their fave things.
Our Babe Heather Roma Pollock
(photocred: @hanaleilove_photo)

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Here's her Lalaland: My home of 10 years and now forever. 

-Places I love in my hoods where my shop is (Venice) and where my home is (Topanga):

   1) Eat + Meet (Venice) Deus Ex Machina:  Best breakfast parfait, to go sandwiches and favorite in town meeting place for business meetings (when I need to get out of my shop) http://deuscustoms.com/flagships/emporium-of-postmodern-activities/
 2)Coffee + Canyon Vibes (Topanga) CafĂ© Mimosa: Favorite place to feel the local vibes of my eclectic canyon village and have coffee meet ups with our friends.

3)Hiking in Topanga Canyon state park.  Beautiful country and it feels amazing to be surrounded by all of this beauty while still being close to the city.

     4)Beers with friends at Venice Beach Ale House.  Amazing food too.  Boardwalk seating and great people watching.

     5)There’s no place like home.  My favorite place to be is at home with my family.  Hot days are the best when we have friends over and chill by the pool!