Straight for the Tassel

The Joni Necklace

New design out of the studio:) Couldn't be more excited to be working in this medium!

I feel in design it's really important to listen to your business associates, customers and friends. They sometimes know you and where you should go before your inner compass kicks in.

Many homies kept saying, Suzy, work in leather! And then,,like presto, my Franco-Italian Leather Luxury genes showed up.  I'm literally obsessed and entranced by glorious leather, especially w/ sterling silver accents!!  Hope you are too! I have a feeling we'll be making a foray into bags eventually...

Inspo: -Joni Choker- was inspired by 60s and 70s music icons, with their fringe costumes and tassels etc,, but then we did it in black to have a more edgy LA streetstyle vibe. And of course because BLACK is EVERYTHING. ...We think, the hippie vibes, combined with it luxuriousness, ie being all genuine leather and sterling silver, that this item is 100% Rossmore approved to get you mad compliments.

Enjoy. xx

I'm wearing:
Necklace: Rossmore LA Joni Choker.
Top: Mark and Estel T-Shirt