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Ever wonder the best ways to escape the everyday noise in The City Of Angels. These breathtaking gardens are so so close and have the ability to take you so far away! Ahhhhhh.   Let's breathe it in...

 Huntington Gardens features more than a dozen gardens, including a 100-year-old Rose Garden, a Chinese Garden with traditional open-air houses, an Amazon water lily pond, and a Japanese Garden with a koi-filled stream.
Tranquility at it's finest. 
Lake Shrine, take a slow walk and enjoy the scenic beauty and serenity of this spiritual sanctuary. The ten-acre site, with its gardens and natural spring-fed lake, is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including swans, ducks, koi, and trees and flowers from around the world.  Visit the shrine for group meditations or pick a peaceful place around the lake. I like to feed the ninja turtles that hang out near the dock. 
Grab a bite and drinks inside a sun-filled greenhouse atop a downtown L.A.
 Set beside a shimmering pool and serving a simple pan-Asian fare, 
The Commissary is a Korea Town hotspot. Some call it a public country club in the heart of downtown. Ok, now I'm hungry! 
With more than 400 plants featuring 250 different types, Descanso Gardens’ Lilac Garden blossoms into life in spring. From mid-March to the end of April (all depending on our sweet mother nature, of course!), the lilacs put on spectacular showcase of blooms. Omg I can smell the now!

The Getty Center ,one of my favorite places to visit in Los Angeles. Beautiful art, architecture and gardens! Perfect place for a picnic! 

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