Curaçao !

weee LOVE studio!!

it's the wierd vibes and netherworld-ness of being on a clean white stage and having your own inner world come to life in a completely controlled environment, that some how produces completely inexplicable effects...

we present Jacqueline Pak starring in one of our holiday visions - Curaçao !

Hollywood, CA

Dress:Alex Wang tuxedo coat
Earrings: custom one of a kind RossmoreLA.

Model/Stylist: Jacqueline Pak of The Spirited
Stylist: Rossmore.co
Photographer: Rossmore.co

-we created, made-up, styled and shot this from 9:30 am- about 5pm, and could have kept going!

& although we barely ate, because we worked and worked and worked, we did manage to snack a little on lunch delivered from one of our faves, BLD by post-mates ! and our playlist included Phantogram, Grimes, Lykke Li, and many many more:)