Dark Arts

all these photos in our hard drive were DARKKK so we grouped them.
and, appropriately, are going to digress about how,,
we love to wear black

use black. make black. black black black is the new black!

one of our favorite things about our line is our use of black oxidation, ours is quirky and fun. 
we love making items of the light, dark. it's playful and irreverant and punk.
all things we are about.

and can we talk about our MINIMAIL chains?!?!?! holy hell hotness.
Jacqueline Pak of The Spirited took that is and is rocking it like DAMN BABY. LURVV!

and OMG, check out the massive buddha crystal necklace i made above!! its juxtaposed so nicely against the black leather strap!
you can custom order it by emailing through the website
-i have about 3 crystals left of the 50 i ordered from my friend Kristen who gets them from Tibet! 

oohhh and I am wearing, in the second pic,  LIMECRIME black velvet lip goo.
if you dont know, now you know.
and remember we are juxtaposing, light/dark,,, so Rose Quartz baby pink Mermaid Loot earrings!
and back to dark, Micro Dot earring! zing. never ever effing take those effers off.

and last, the SOLD OUT- PLANET BLUE x ROSSMORE. of the BLUE Collab pieces will be on-hand at the POP-UP with YTAC in Dallas this week! oh and purchasing one will benefit YTAC!! you better come early to get one!!! SERIOUSLY!



at the risk of some basic-ness
 ,,, Holi-KATE.
 i'm such a fashion girl at heart. i love magazines, editorial poses, and most of all, Kate Moss is Boss. enjoy xx

pic 9: Rose Gold Solid 14k ROSSMORE X no O Earrings

let's TACO bout it

cutie patootie LA woman Kody Kantor ordered this custom WURD necklace for herself and her 6 besties! whatchooo taco'n bout girrrrrrrrl? we lurvvvvv TACOsssss!

see Kody's musings here : Of-whatever-kind.tumblr.com and follow her IG: @kodyek

& in the spirit of TACOS! here are some of our favorites in LA:


NUMBER 1)  Echo Park's Taco Zone, parked outside of the Von's on Alvarado on a nightly basis. 

& these are in no particular order: 

Mariscos Jalisco - shrimp taco heaven. make the journey to Boyle Heights for lunch. NOM
Casita del Campo, can't beat the ambiance! sit down and have a margarita and some traditional fare.
Carnitas Michoacan - this place is epic for their 'all-wrong' Nachos, that are so right!
Guisados - east side mainstay that is steadily expanding
Best Fish Taco's Ensenada is really good, its ONLY fish tacos.
Siete Mare's  you can get tacos or really yummy ceviche
El Chavo just got bought, hope the new owners keep it the same! ,,go to the bar and have margaritas and tacos! quesadillas are delicious too.
Malo - hipster tacos. go here if you want to 'run into people'
Tito's Tacos is west side and is it's own style and thing, the salsa is excellent.

there are too many to remember to put on this list really, so we will continue to post as we recall and discover!

happy eating <3 p="">



We couldn't be more thrilled or excited to be a part of this fine event!!
YTAC is an amazing charity that will be presenting beneficiary checks amounting over $300,000, all going to Cancer Research! 
Thank you PLANET BLUE for being awesomest of awesomes and kindly joining forces to celebrate the holidays while also giving!
When you come out to this event and shop, 10% will go to YTAC.
So please find Rossmore and YTAC in Dallas December 10th 5-8pm!!

Curaçao !

weee LOVE studio!!

it's the wierd vibes and netherworld-ness of being on a clean white stage and having your own inner world come to life in a completely controlled environment, that some how produces completely inexplicable effects...

we present Jacqueline Pak starring in one of our holiday visions - Curaçao !

Hollywood, CA

Dress:Alex Wang tuxedo coat
Earrings: custom one of a kind RossmoreLA.

Model/Stylist: Jacqueline Pak of The Spirited
Stylist: Rossmore.co
Photographer: Rossmore.co

-we created, made-up, styled and shot this from 9:30 am- about 5pm, and could have kept going!

& although we barely ate, because we worked and worked and worked, we did manage to snack a little on lunch delivered from one of our faves, BLD by post-mates ! and our playlist included Phantogram, Grimes, Lykke Li, and many many more:)