Power Objects

Really couldn'd be more thrilled to blog again. To get at some writing. When I was young, all my teachers, and even my parents thought I'd be a writer. However,, there is a part of my soul that is so introverted and tender and small, that the thought of writing and revealing who I am and who I might to others is extremely scary. I suppose that is why I took so much more readily to the thought of expression through form, ie jewelry form, rather than any way else! I didnt have to SAY anything, it was there in the object!!! Anyhow, I've been getting into the whole consciously creating your life thing with the book "The Artist's Way",, and she says to write EVERY MORNING! 3 Pages!!, so I have been. And I feel, it's really opened up some new pathways that seemed quite like deadends before! Which is extremely refreshing. ,, Furthermore, it prompted me to re-read this blog, and discover,, that I possibly believe the ACT OF WRITING may have unconsciously created the success that became Rossmore.!! HOW CRAZY. seriously. I went back and read all my posts, only to go back to my headspace and discover that I never started this blog to create anything in particular other than to journal, then I was suddenly transported in to my dream of having Rossmore. take off, when I had actually, oddly, somewhat abandoned the dream to the " Maybe God and the Universe has a different for me" drawer...Anyhow! >>> Homies! GET TO WRITING!! Even, if its only, a little a day! You will make great leaps forward! Love. Suzy