vintage sweater: VintageRedeux.com
vintage t-shirt: GoldShop.com
vintage Versace Jeans Couture: NastyGal.com
italian boots: Barneys.com
jewelry: RossmoreLA.com
haircolor: Jenda @ RamirezTran

It's been 3 years since I have made an entry here.  And a TON has happened.  I moved out of West Hollywood to Silverlake.  Wrote and recorded an EP. Went on tour in Brooklyn and the East Coast with Sister Mantos.  Got into some sort of alternate-reality-from-my-previous-life scene. Went to a Halloween party dressed as Madonna. Met the love of my life who was dressed as "White Gold".  Road motorcycles. Wrote another EP. Moved to Venice. Built a beautiful and successful studio store.
Got engaged. Planned a rad wedding. Got married. Closed the studio store in order to move back to Silverlake, and in with my Husband.  And now I'm fully Eastside, and adjusting to my new life, and for the first time in forever, I do not really know what's next!!! Yes, I will continue to do Rossmore. , it's a part of my soul, to spread love and light through jewelry.,, but, I feel that I must  try some new diversions.  Therefore, until I figure it all out,,, it's time I return to blogging... which is sort of how this whole Rossmore. thing started,, (GO BACK THROUGH MY OLD POSTS!!! It's kind of dope!)


I will post some back dated photo sets amongst new sets. and it will be fun. Let's get weird.