hockney dreams and schiap kisses

vintage faux fur: GottaHaveItVenice.com
lipstick: Nars Schiap

my dear friend Jenny and I dropped by the Roosevelt during Grammy Weekend to visit some friends and artists,, we ended up at some fab parties and a lil spot I don't mind so much, the spare room... nice lil evening,,said hi to some peeps, cut a lil rug action, but, but, but,  my favorite part,  is the most fabulous thing ever, the David Hockney painted pool bottom! i love it. and will continue to always love it every time i drop by there. it is so insane. i need to do a lil project inspired by it,, I intensely love it. like many things in LA. however it may be on my top ten list... and then there is the fact that Jenny and I had a lil photo opp on the premises. classic Rossmore. style. ,,, all the pomp and circumstance of crazy partiers outside,, all the while maintaining that I am having my own party inside my head! lurrrrvvv it! so there you have it. my Grammy weekend takeaway. hockney and schiap kisses >>  Lipstick Color: Nars Schiap. classic downtown girl flavor... xoxox Suzy