Fred Segal Rocks Rocks!!!!!!

Rossmore. jewelry: RocksAndSilk.com

OMG!! Had a lil holiday Valentine's showing at Fred Segal Rocks! Joi hosted an amazing gathering featuring gifts for Valentine's Day (such as Rossmore. among others, like all her Silk stuff! have you been there? to see her lingerie collection? best in the city. no joke.) and a Scotch Tasting for the dudes!

Above, please note the gorgeous 14k 16" Say Anything paired with the 30" Say Anything, and then check out the Rossmore. Diamonds heart on heart chain with white diamond!!! HOLY MOLE!! that is hot! I believe the Rossmore. Diamond piece is still available and in-stock at Fred Segal Rocks, whereas the 14k piece was sold that night, so that is SPECIAL ORDER only! But, wait, I think I have to drop another off for Joi next week, so scratch that, one will be in stock next week at Fred Segal Rocks! be the caliente chica that snags it!