erthngel: the radness EP

Hi friends, lovers, dogs, parakeets, butterflies, seekers of the light,

I've made an EP and would like to share it with you!! 
The songs are about a Journey, and I've named that trek the Radness, 
as a nod to an instance,,,a phenomenon...
The Radness is something that ocurrs. It often takes place when one is traveling. It is the moment one realizes all experience collapses onto every preceding moment and then it crystallizes in the heart, that EVERYTHING, that has been seen and experienced, is 100% PERFECT. You know it, you feel it in your heart when you experience the Radness, it's not cerebral...
 Please take a trip with me to finding your perfection! Listen to my EP, I will try to take you there!

ps special thanks to my friends and FAMILY whose love and support and encouragement helped make my baby EP possible!! YOU KNOW exactly who you are!! & Knockbox Studio, Karen, Daren, Mom, Dad, Courtney, Olesya, Brenda, Cult Leader-Tronic, Jenny, Spc1520 and so so so many more! love you all from the bottom of my heart!