erthngel: the radness EP

Hi friends, lovers, dogs, parakeets, butterflies, seekers of the light,

I've made an EP and would like to share it with you!! 
The songs are about a Journey, and I've named that trek the Radness, 
as a nod to an instance,,,a phenomenon...
The Radness is something that ocurrs. It often takes place when one is traveling. It is the moment one realizes all experience collapses onto every preceding moment and then it crystallizes in the heart, that EVERYTHING, that has been seen and experienced, is 100% PERFECT. You know it, you feel it in your heart when you experience the Radness, it's not cerebral...
 Please take a trip with me to finding your perfection! Listen to my EP, I will try to take you there!

ps special thanks to my friends and FAMILY whose love and support and encouragement helped make my baby EP possible!! YOU KNOW exactly who you are!! & Knockbox Studio, Karen, Daren, Mom, Dad, Courtney, Olesya, Brenda, Cult Leader-Tronic, Jenny, Spc1520 and so so so many more! love you all from the bottom of my heart!


Fred Segal Rocks Rocks!!!!!!

Rossmore. jewelry: RocksAndSilk.com

OMG!! Had a lil holiday Valentine's showing at Fred Segal Rocks! Joi hosted an amazing gathering featuring gifts for Valentine's Day (such as Rossmore. among others, like all her Silk stuff! have you been there? to see her lingerie collection? best in the city. no joke.) and a Scotch Tasting for the dudes!

Above, please note the gorgeous 14k 16" Say Anything paired with the 30" Say Anything, and then check out the Rossmore. Diamonds heart on heart chain with white diamond!!! HOLY MOLE!! that is hot! I believe the Rossmore. Diamond piece is still available and in-stock at Fred Segal Rocks, whereas the 14k piece was sold that night, so that is SPECIAL ORDER only! But, wait, I think I have to drop another off for Joi next week, so scratch that, one will be in stock next week at Fred Segal Rocks! be the caliente chica that snags it!

erthngel : : Oh Ray!!!!!!!

My band Erthngel is playing a lil mini Indie-Fest this Monday, called Oh Ray! http://ohray.org

Please come out and support! Eat at Umami Burger and watch 5 bands be groooovyyyyy!! xoxo Suzy

SPACE 15 TWENTY 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles  March 5th 2012, 6-10 pm.

hockney dreams and schiap kisses

vintage faux fur: GottaHaveItVenice.com
lipstick: Nars Schiap

my dear friend Jenny and I dropped by the Roosevelt during Grammy Weekend to visit some friends and artists,, we ended up at some fab parties and a lil spot I don't mind so much, the spare room... nice lil evening,,said hi to some peeps, cut a lil rug action, but, but, but,  my favorite part,  is the most fabulous thing ever, the David Hockney painted pool bottom! i love it. and will continue to always love it every time i drop by there. it is so insane. i need to do a lil project inspired by it,, I intensely love it. like many things in LA. however it may be on my top ten list... and then there is the fact that Jenny and I had a lil photo opp on the premises. classic Rossmore. style. ,,, all the pomp and circumstance of crazy partiers outside,, all the while maintaining that I am having my own party inside my head! lurrrrvvv it! so there you have it. my Grammy weekend takeaway. hockney and schiap kisses >>  Lipstick Color: Nars Schiap. classic downtown girl flavor... xoxox Suzy