Strange Density

Rossmore. sponsored  a RAD music night at Space 15 Twenty with DJ Year of the Rat, Zero Reference, my band Erthngl, and the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, Mark and Estel headlined! Here are some pix before, during and after! SPECIAL Thanks to TANIA ENRIQUEZ and Jon Flynn of Space 15 Twenty and the whole crew of artists Christene Kings, Adam Cahan, Karen Lequeux, Mark Tango, and Estel Day!!!! Radnesss homies. Radness. And to O. for making Erthngl possible. Dream come true. oh and to Allie Paronelli of Neil George salon for tha hairstyleeee!! AND LASTLY,, all my friends, families and soul babies  that came out to see and support and experience and shoot the spec ta cular,, LOVE YOU FOREVER!! xxoo
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Daydream-y days and New Year's Nights...

Just a lil message from Rossmore. 
Happy 2012 Everyone!!!
&BIG THANKS to my LOVELY DEAR WONDERFUL bfff Ashley, for her charms in front of the camera, as well as her charms in attracting uber-fun times over New Years!! SMASHING GOOD MEMORIES LADY!!,,see you soon.

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