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Just a little fun and inspirational LOOKBOOK for your Holiday, whatever it is, or is like!!! >>  from yours truly at Rossmore!! BIG special thanks to model Kim Knefel, and to Deborah Knefel, both for being radly supportive!!! Yayyy!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE you!!

ALL Jewelry- RossmoreLA.com
--Large Cross Rings: $108.88
--Triangle Rings: $100.88
--FourSqr Rings: $100.88
--Heart Rings: $100.88
--Triangle Mini Necklaces: $38.88
--Heart Mini Necklaces: $38.88
--KI.SS. Studs: $38.88

Little Boys Tuxedo Jacket - thrifted by Rossmore.
Silk Top- thrifted by Rossmore.
Lace Leggings- MarkandEstel.com
Lace Tights- Urban Outfitters.
Top Hat and shorts- Borrowed from Olesya Rulin. thank you!

Purchase at RossmoreLA.com or email Love@RossmoreLA.com if you have any questions or want to use your CC to purchase rather than paypal!! still uploading product!! xoxox Suzy

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