Rossmore. Holiday Card Ideas.

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Merry Freaking Christmas!!! Love & Light, Suzy, Dash and Santa!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyy xoxoxoxox

ps &Thank you to everyone who helped me play Santa all year long!! haha. I'm serious. Sometimes when I go ship a big bag of goodies I think that!  Anyhow ,,,THANK YOU THANK YOU!  It's been so fun shipping bits of love and light to you and your loved ones all over the world!! yayyy!! & cheers to yall and an even better upcoming year for everyone xoxox


Rossmore. H o l i d a z e.

Just a little fun and inspirational LOOKBOOK for your Holiday, whatever it is, or is like!!! >>  from yours truly at Rossmore!! BIG special thanks to model Kim Knefel, and to Deborah Knefel, both for being radly supportive!!! Yayyy!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE you!!

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Little Boys Tuxedo Jacket - thrifted by Rossmore.
Silk Top- thrifted by Rossmore.
Lace Leggings- MarkandEstel.com
Lace Tights- Urban Outfitters.
Top Hat and shorts- Borrowed from Olesya Rulin. thank you!

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Rossmore. Silk Wrap Bracelets.

inspired by my lovely girl Cat at LPV. girl im going to the post office today!! so sorry!!
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 cross ring. # BL-005 ,, heart ring. #BL-006 , X no O multi-layer necklace #BL-007
 Possibility charm with crystals and multi layers. # BL-008

stud earrings. #BL-STUD - (specify shape- heart, 3tri, cross, bar, tri )  THESE ARE IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. MIX AND MATCH PAIRS!! $48.88 for a pair in sterling silver or black. $58.88 for gold.
 wire hearts. get one. get there. #BL-009  $108.88

 radness zigzag. #BL-010 black or silver $108.88 , gold $118.88

YES!!!!!  #BL-YES  B or S, $128.88 G. $138.88
 vibration necklaces. #BL-vibe-sml  b or s, $118.88 g $128.88

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 Hand formed wire Heart. # BL-001  >> black or silver. $108.88 gold. $118.88
 Hand formed wire Odyssey. #BL-002 >> black or silver $108.88  gold. $118.88

 Charm necklace with crystals. #BL-003 (specify charm) Black or silver. $158.88 gold. $178.88
 Happiness Necklace. # BL-004 Silver or black. $148.88 gold. $168.88

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Rossmore. >> GOLD GOLD GOLD

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