Rossmore. xo LEAH TURNER. pow pow.

ummm,,, i was out the other night and got a fly by from a beautiful comet of fierceness!!! > twas watching artist Leah Turner ROCK OUT!!! ,,,blessss, in these pix she's got Rossmore. fingertip rings and the say anything, yowza! >>> totally loving the up-and-coming pow pow pow in your face passionate artistry of this gorgeous woman!  www.facebook.com/ltrockin >>> i mean the girl has pipes and style and yeah, just gonna say, OVERALL, loving her vibe! hot! check her out.here  www.reverbnation.com/leahturner and here http://youtu.be/7Tw4609ErbA xoxox


Rossmore.  >>1)  radness. triangle. 14k say anything earring. 2) xl cross. triangle.  3) wire heart. silver heart stud. >>love@RossmoreLA.com

thanks to my beautiful and talented friend Jeanne Wildman for bringing it! <3 <3 <3

&yayyyy awesomenessss!! super fun day in the studio and super fun shots too :) xoxoxoxox


Rossmore. x Ravi Dhar and the Heartless.

radnesss!!  ravi dhar and the heartless. i lurrrrvvv!!! >> so fun,,,i made a custom say anything for Ravi and he kindly wore it in the video. thank you Ravi! but i mean, what can i say?  Rossmore. and rockstardom go together... lol.  ...ps this video is tearing it up on the interwebs. get there. more to come.

mm mm mm!! mira metallica!

yayyy!! just some rad pix from the trunk show at Mira Mira SF with The Butcher's Daughter!!! xoxoxo  to alllll who made it awesome!!! u know who you are!


feathered flights of fancy >> XO PB

Attention!!! ... a lil birdie told me that if you're superrrrr lucky,,, you might find one of these limited edition necklaces at Planet Blue!!!  http://shopplanetblue.com/index.php/rossmore-.html?p=1

event archive: Yeah Gurrrrrl!!

>>>the cutest fashionistas from the Yeah Gurl That's The Price event earlier this summer! do you spy the gold triangle Rossmore. ring up top? & Mele of Mixed Hearts is always jammy with the stylee xoxoxo

14K Rossmore.

did you know I make 14k gold Rossmore.? :) SPECIAL ORDER!! >> put it in now so your items are ready for the holidays!! >> email me! love@rossmoreLA.com xoxox

gap tooth mountains

cross your heart!

having fun with new designs and materials!! the bronze cross necklace from above is available at ShopPlanetBlue.com, pre-order here: http://shopplanetblue.com/index.php/cross-with-black-beads-necklace.html?deptId=

yayyyyyy! xoxox S