Candice and Suzy just kicking a lil Cali lifestyle...

my dear dear friend Candice and I, we grewsss up together in OC,  skate over to LACMA after work some days... neither of us are any good, LOL, so the smooth concrete is ideal for our skillz... but we LOOK styleeee right?!?! (b/c that's all that really matters haha jk) ...p.s.  if you look closely we're both rocking some Rossmore.  ... I'm wearing a piece from the brand new XXL collection... she's wearing a Galaxy! YOWZAS!! watch out for our skate gang comin to your hood!!! ;-D lololololol


Rossmore. part 1 of pix i should have posted long ago...

 necklace. Rossmore. only heart.  (photo credit: just jared)
 necklace. Rossmore. only heart.
 necklace. Rossmore. horizon.     (photo credit: Ashley Allen)
 necklace. Rossmore. only heart (wire)   (photo credit: kaycee flinn)
ring. Rossmore. cross ring.  (photo credit: suzy lequeux)


Rossmore. TONIGHT. > Filthmart. Jenny O. yeahhhhh

ummmm soooo excited! see yall tonight. 7-10 pm. 1038 N. Fairfax. yeahhh yeahhh


Rossmore. >> Sister. Wife. and the dog day afternoon...

just a dog day afternoon at intellu...Dash (my dog) is kicking it with Leahy of the dance collective 'wife' (she's wearing a lil Rossmore. triangle ring she got at Fred Segal Rocks.)  and she's sitting with Boscar Bantos of Sister Mantos. and Becs of Penelope Edmund and Hunter the bestest. They are all playing a show this weekend. & i like their shoes. check show info here:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=212028372149738    come!! i can't wait! xo S


Rossmore. >> love triangle love

love triangle. "I'm in love with it..."    

umm yall!!! the coolest thing ever happened!! = RADNESSSSSS.
>> Laura Lanktree (of Canada) emails me that she must have rings. she searches high and low all over los angeles to find them at American Rag and Fred Segal respectively. then emails me these photos of her treasures!!!! OMG SPECTACULAR!!!! couldn't have done a better lil photo campaign myself!!

ps. do you see the tattoos she got whilst in LA too?!?!?! i may have to get!!! S.E.R.I.O.U.S.    Laura says, " It faded like crazy, but still all about the finger placement. P  erma-ring. Got it at Shamrock on Sunset - guy named Andrew. He does the thinnest lines of all time. Had some script done, too - it's insane"   check out Laura 'the radness' Lanktree here www.llchemy.com .

LURRRRVVV this girl!!! LURVVVV. Laura. mega shout out to you my dear. and i will post the tattoo i get from Andrew. how do you feel about double hearts in white in the same spot? Y.E.S ! ! !


Rossmore. @ Space 1520 Flea.

super fun day in the sun! took tons of custom orders and sold Mother's Day gifts. awesome! yayyy! come out to the next event. you will lurrrvvv!! xoxo