box no. 216!! my hair made the cut...radness.

Untitled from Box No.216 on Vimeo.

my friends over at the ultimate hair blog gave me the great honor of featuring my hair. (and me naturally wearing Rossmore as well!! )

so stoked. got the star treatment entirely, over at Chris McMillan Salon. and then they video taped the results. can I just say Johnny Ramirez and Allie Paronelli are barnone. THE BEST> BEST > BEST. for example>> I regularly get stopped. "who does your hair?" ,, "you have Gisele hair, how on earth?!?!?!" >> um wish i was born w/ it. but that's not the case>> it's the genius handiwork of Allie and Johnny. also the fierce duo behind the premiere hair color journal/blog. "Box No. 216"

okay. so now you know.

yayyyy! xoxo