Juleseeeee's Voyage

Julesseee's VOYAGE!!

My girl, Jules, a New Yorker, currently living in S.F., sent me these pix this morning! made my day! ... she sent them as she was so excited to be rocking her Rossmore Voyage, b/c she's been hard at work on a new career!! (talk about a path/voyage! she was in graphic design...) and I'm super proud of her >>> she is now following her childhood dream to own a lifestyle-driven bar/restaurant! & she's on her way! she's been at the culinary academy and is now a charcuterie chef at Residual Sugar, a gourmet wine bar in Walnut Creek, CA!! soo excited for you Jules and all the new opportunities coming your way! you are an inspiration in really going after your dreams and my bff! love you! xoxoxo