Rossmore LO.VE. > gorgeous Allie!

yesterday i had such a lovely time w/ my friend Allie,,, (wait.. she's not just my friend. she's an extraordinary person and my hairstylist as well!! ) she was kind enough to sit for these stunning pix for my ecommerce site. such help! THANK YOU ALLIE!! ( and i'll be putting up a load more so get ready!) but serious. all yall must check out her blog!! its amazing. www.boxno216.com she and her blogbud cover the most gorgeous hair styles and color in the universe...

anyhow. on to other things. see above. its a new Design i havent put up before. its the friendship chain! you can do it as LO. VE. or as KI. SS. wear it on your own or give one to a buddy.

purchase or read more about the product HERE