Rossmore. Joan's and Diavolina

how i spent a glorious day:

coffee at Joan's w/ Heather.
>>check out her Chanel Eyeglasses..hot for teacher! j/k. ... ohhh mostly though, i spy 2 Rossmore pcs. the Only Hearts and Fortune. love!

some pretty pieces new pieces I showed Heather while kicking it at Joan's on Third... Only Hearts in Extra Large and sick new hand-hewn earrings w/ chain! love love love.
then i stopped by Diavolina to say hi to Marika! she's making insane T-shirts. yall should check out. but you have to go in there to see them. only place in the city...ohhh and check out my gear at Diavolina tooo. hot hot hot. yayyyyy.
and don't miss the insane new bags by Desiree Kohen! oohhhh how i'd like one of them! beautiful.

ok. ttfn. xo ,,, and watch the videos below for a hearty laugh! i act the foool...