Rossmore on InnyVinny!! soooo nice.

please go to http://InnyVinny.com and read the post Alicia wrote HERE

I seriously cried when I read this post! soooo nice!!!! ...o.m.g!,, y'all that don't know me personally,, or know about this journey i've been on,, to be making these items... it's been something else!!! >>>lots of trials. lots of errors. lots of never giving up. so, when people like Alicia, come through, and are awesome, kind and massively generous.... i'm taken aback... it makes what i've been up to all worth it!! anyhow enough mush...

catching up on everything!!
ttys xoxoxo
in love & light,


Juleseeeee's Voyage

Julesseee's VOYAGE!!

My girl, Jules, a New Yorker, currently living in S.F., sent me these pix this morning! made my day! ... she sent them as she was so excited to be rocking her Rossmore Voyage, b/c she's been hard at work on a new career!! (talk about a path/voyage! she was in graphic design...) and I'm super proud of her >>> she is now following her childhood dream to own a lifestyle-driven bar/restaurant! & she's on her way! she's been at the culinary academy and is now a charcuterie chef at Residual Sugar, a gourmet wine bar in Walnut Creek, CA!! soo excited for you Jules and all the new opportunities coming your way! you are an inspiration in really going after your dreams and my bff! love you! xoxoxo


Rossmore @ the SAMPLE SALE !!!

I had a completely action packed weekend! so much to share! will fill you in as i go:)...so here's pix from 'The Sample Sale',,,, for now!
Laughter. gorgeous.
The beautiful Alicia of www.innyvinny.com !! rocking the Laughter necklace and Legend ring!
stylista-girl-about-town/ vintage seeker, Jennifer Archie with the Only Heart and Mini-Tag!
Rachel Poritz and Estel Day!
the styleeee Asia Biheller w/ the Mini-Tag...
Hostess Courtney Lowe of LA Vintage Exchange and Alicia! ... both w/ Laughter necklaces:)
Estel wearing two 'Galaxy' necklaces on custom chains!
a lil vintage dressup inside Courtney's studio. SCORE> jordache white jean jacket. stunning driving gloves i will put in a photo shoot SOOON and a super cute dress!
shopping Mark and Estel! I personally cleaned up w/ 8 new pieces!
terrariums by Rachel. beautiful! ive given tons of these as gifts! everyone is asking me where to get them! Rachel can't even keep up w/ the amount of orders! insane! >>email her to get one!!!

Jordache JKT!!! >> haha >> wait, omg have you seen Court's new interview on Mondette??? talk about someone who's business has blown up! crazy. she is booked solid w/ appointments. she'd never tell, but i heard you have to book two weeks in advance now to even get in to see her! c-r-a-z-y.

ROSSMORE had a truly lovely day @ LA Vintage Exchange!! >>COURTNEY YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR HOSTESS W/the mostesssss! and yayyyyy Mark and Estel, and Rachel Poritz Design!!! yayyyy!!

~thank you to everyone that came out for the event and made it a great success!!!! massive kisses!

~ thanks for the love from blogger extraordinaire Alicia of www.innyvinny.com and to Caprice of GrayBoutique who came out as well! such a great time:)

ttys XoxoX S


The Sample Sale: featured on Refinery29.

1.)come to THE SAMPLE SALE this Saturday, featured on Refinery29!!! wooohooo.

>1424 Carmona Ave. @ LA VINTAGE EXCHANGE. i will be there w/ ROSSMORE!!

featuring:LA Vintage Exchange. Rossmore. Mark & Estel. and introducing,,,Rachel Poritz Design!

2.)SUNDAY. space 15twenty : off cahuenga in hlywd. i will be there w/ ROSSMORE!



OFFICIAL LAUNCH. rossmore. wowww I'm so excited!

i officially launched my webstore today!!!

>>i've never been so excited in my whole life as when i sent out that launch email... and then got so many responses!! woop woop

GREAT SUCCESS! omg. rad. rad. rad.

thank you to everyone that has ordered today and to everyone that is planning on ordering in the future!!!

your love and support means everything to me. i wouldn't be able to do this without you :)



ps how beautiful is Allie?? thanks love!


Rossmore. understated. minimal. impeccable.

i've been designing new stuff! i have a big wholesale Market this weekend. so bunches of new earrings for that!

>>aren't these GORGEOUS??> im just a lil obsessed...

&thank gawdd some inspiration hit me recently... i heart creativity!! makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


ps Brenda is stunning. love you babe! thanks so much.


Rossmore. cosmetic dentistry.. the gloss or the floss?

so i got a lil mention on TheGloss.com !!! i'm super stoked. they have innnneresting info on fashion and beauty etc and OMG. have a HUMONGOUS following! yayyy

>>they featured the Protection necklace. and said that my line has 'a bunch of cool sh*t' and humorously pointed out that, while indeed, it's fashionable..... the Protection necklace is FUNCTIONAL tooooo. haha. read the lil blurb here

anyway. you can buy the Protection HERE.

get there!!!



rossmore. new earrings! yayyyyy

been designing new stuff!! .. i'm excited about a modified saftey pin style earring. its not a safety pin. it just curly-Q loops at the end like one. and then is a lil bit dangly...

i've already 'test marketed' it.. haha. that means>> worn them out to a party and got like 10,000 compliments. and of course sold a pair right off me!! that's when i know i'm doing my thing! love it :)

and of course i will throw them up on the site asap. just been so busy fulfilling orders from all yall that i can't seem to get around to doing every lil thing! omg. seriously. it's been bananas since i launched the new site!!! thanks for all the support! yayyy


Rossmore LO.VE. > gorgeous Allie!

yesterday i had such a lovely time w/ my friend Allie,,, (wait.. she's not just my friend. she's an extraordinary person and my hairstylist as well!! ) she was kind enough to sit for these stunning pix for my ecommerce site. such help! THANK YOU ALLIE!! ( and i'll be putting up a load more so get ready!) but serious. all yall must check out her blog!! its amazing. www.boxno216.com she and her blogbud cover the most gorgeous hair styles and color in the universe...

anyhow. on to other things. see above. its a new Design i havent put up before. its the friendship chain! you can do it as LO. VE. or as KI. SS. wear it on your own or give one to a buddy.

purchase or read more about the product HERE



Rossmore. Joan's and Diavolina

how i spent a glorious day:

coffee at Joan's w/ Heather.
>>check out her Chanel Eyeglasses..hot for teacher! j/k. ... ohhh mostly though, i spy 2 Rossmore pcs. the Only Hearts and Fortune. love!

some pretty pieces new pieces I showed Heather while kicking it at Joan's on Third... Only Hearts in Extra Large and sick new hand-hewn earrings w/ chain! love love love.
then i stopped by Diavolina to say hi to Marika! she's making insane T-shirts. yall should check out. but you have to go in there to see them. only place in the city...ohhh and check out my gear at Diavolina tooo. hot hot hot. yayyyyy.
and don't miss the insane new bags by Desiree Kohen! oohhhh how i'd like one of them! beautiful.

ok. ttfn. xo ,,, and watch the videos below for a hearty laugh! i act the foool...

Rossmore. Adrienne of Hide Bags

i love Adrienne of Hide Bags! check out her beautiful wares at http://hidebags.com

she's been rocking the Two-Tone Say Anything and the Only Heart in black with all her other lil Vintage Baubles she's picked up along the way...

don't you love how she has put all her items together? she is a perf example of how I've always envisioned people rocking Rossmore,, the layered look, with lots of trinkets and meaningful things we pick up on our journeys...


my parents always ask what i do in my spare time...

this video w/ SimonJank kills me...

so i made a video response!!!


im a nerd!!! and clearly watch too much YOUTUBE.