Rossmore @ MarkandEstel Sample Sale

gawwwwd i love Malibu! and i LOVE mark & estel. woooooop wooop.

Rossmore + Mark & Estel !!! Sample Sale!

got a great mention on Racked LA!! wowwwwza! yayyyyy :)


Rossmore @ MarkandEstel Sample Sale

and omg. check it out!!! Rossmore is gonna be there toooooo! love you M&E. you rule. xoxoxo

Rossmore. webstore LAUNCH!!!!

>>>>hollla. blog readers unite!!!! fashionistas unite!!!! all together now say, " fantastic. fantastic. fantastic!!! LAUNCHTASTIC!!"

sooo, i put up a new webstore. y'all can now order my precious lil baubles and bits from the interwebs! i know you're excited. im excited. i mean,,so many of you have been asking me for so long!!! so unite. get together. get fantastic. and use LAUNCHTASTIC!!! it'll only work for the next 15days! annnnd more more more: if you join my blog as a follower and email me.. i will email you a code for an additional 10% off. that's right. 40% off! wowwwwza.

okeedokes. get there while you can! xoxoxo Suzy


Rossmore @ Vainglorious DIY Swap Party

recently a bunch of girls from The LA Esty Street Team (or LASTeam) participated in a fun DIY Swap party hosted by LA Vintage Exchange and Vainglorious...

above are some pix featuring Courtney of LAVX and Nikki of Vintique...

The party was a blast. I snapped up some Ksubi Glasses, a Christian Dior blazer from Mixed Hearts, and not one, but two GENIUS vintage jean jackets from LA VINTAGE EXCHANGE.!!! what a day!!

check the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiDPALHjvCo

and the blog post here: http://forevervainglorious.com/post/616345267/last-weekend-kristen-and-kristen-hosted-a


Rossmore and Rome of SUBLIME!!!

my dear friend, knowing i love Sublime. invited me to see the dirty heads featuring sublime's new front man, Rome. and was it rad.

here's the clip. pretty awesome. ps you can even see me in the corner rocking out! im sucha nerd!!! >>.


and above is a pic afterwards of me and Rome, with Rome sporting ROSSSSSSMORE!!!! yayyyyyy. so friggin cool. love. do you see the Say Anything around his neck>>>??? dieeeee:)

thanks dear friend. that hooked it up. that asked to not be mentioned. you are the shit. xoxoxoxo

Rossmore. BLOG ACCOLADES! woop:)

yayy yayy. the folks over at http://makingjewelrysupplies.com/ awarded LoveMarksTheSpot as a featured blog! http://makingjewelrysupplies.com/blog_awards/index.php?id=18021

very cool. they seem to have a large following, so i'm flattered! woop woop.

anyhow. if you are into making jewelry too, head over there to check out their shizzzz. k! xoxox


LA Vintage Exchange & Rossmore x COACHELLA

LA Vintage Exchange's Courtney Lowe and me repping some Rossmore necklaces during a Parker poolside kick sesh a la Coachella... + my mad photoshop skilllz. haha!Courtney wearing a Rossmore Mini-Tag and a Rossmore Vintage Thunderbird...
me sporting a horizon and black foursquare....

oh and ...
i picked up the shades from a super cute local designer in LA. i will post her facebook page when i find it!!!


In Touch. Rossmore. wooooop!!!

ohh the temple of the mind...

Rossmore @ Space 15 Twenty Flea Market This Sunday May 16th

or Rossmore. could be synonymous w/ diversion...? hahaha xoxoxo

original image source: http://space15twenty.com


Rossmore Art Fashion Fun Love Light

Rossmore Jewelry gets the Art Treatment!!!

==these photos were delightfully snapped by Gerald Fontejon. and then yours truly went nuts w/ photoshop. im re-learning how to use it. clearly, i like my limitations :) ... hahaha xoxoxo


Heart Rossmore!! >>

ya know:: just thought i'd show off how beautiful the cut heart is, and duhh how beautiful my friend is wearing it. ps no two hearts are alike!
AND....thank you to the beautiful Allie for wearing the Rossmore Cut Heart in these photos and EVERYDAYYYY!!!... p.s. she has a rad blog about the most gorgeous hair color in the world >> http://www.boxno216.com/ *PREMIERE COLOR JOURNALISM*


let's hear it for the dudes.

ran in to all the greatest guy friends at coachella. stellar representation if i do say so myself.

my bff julie's brother, jeremy schaller. aka sausage king of new york. recently engaged to a fairy princess! congrats!! say anything in black.

justin feldman. raw chef extraordinaire. gold foursquare madness. hot hot hot.

ravi dhar. musician + coolness. excellent album bout to drop! get there!!! say anything in silver and black, lashed together. die!
mike naft. aka mysterious dude about nyc. w/ radness fat boys t. how about that for stylish? love.

i'm obsessed w/ the idea of the places where my little objects will be going on these dudes. fearless. global. amazing.

xo Rossmore