Rossmore in US Weekly

yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thrillllled! the shots of Kate Bosworth made US Weekly! what good fortune:) She is a lovely lovely actress w/ totally insanely amazing style. What a compliment that she wore the Rossmore cut heart all throughout Coachella!! I seriously couldn't be more delighted!!! yes yes yes yes yes

Rossmore RackedLA AK1511

hey yall! >>> it's been an amazing month working w/ AK1511 Pop-Up Shop... we had two insane parties and have been keepin' it lit up on the press circuit >>for example on Racked LA!! woop wooop :) check it


pretty pretty Rossmore was featured in a great post on the shop and its happenings.

well, thanks again to the ladies that got me involved w/ this rad opportunity to situate Rossmore amongst other brands of radness>> Melissa, Nikki, Courtney, Lax and Rachel ,,,y'all are the shizniz xoxoxo


Rossmore at Coachella 1

Rossmore Fortune necklace, on the lovely and talented songwriter, Jenny Karr!

Rossmore and Christina Mack Photography


Christina took some rad photos for me. I will put them up as I edit and arrange them. Here's a really cute lil postcard I made. She did such a nice job of highlighting the jewelry!! thanks girl! xoxox

Kate Bosworth wearing Rossmore

I found this photo of the lovely Kate Bosworth on http://www.popsugar.com/Kate-Bosworth-Bikini-Photos-Shirtless-Alexander-Skarsgard-Palm-Springs-8179379?page=0,0,0#8

She is wearing a Rossmore necklace while at the pool during her Coachella 2010 !!!!

I'm totally thrilled that such a beautiful and talented light is stepping out in Rossmore:)

love. light. rossmore. city of angels, ca.

Kate Bosworth Rossmore Coachella

yayyyyy!! i had so much fun at Coachella,, i'll share my photos soon.. but look at what radness just happened! pix of Kate Bosworth rocking the Mini Heart have shown up all across the blogosphere. wooopp! im so stoked. she has GREAT style. what a compliment!! and beyond that, she is just a lovely lovely person. so gracious and beautiful. xoxox


Night Sky, Rossmore, Alison O'Daniel

my dear friend Alison O'Daniel is making a wonderful film!! just WONDERFUL!!!.. it's called Night Sky...

and here is a still from the movie w/ her one of her characters wearing the Horizon necklace... simply stunning, i believe... and even more so when you hear the context of the film!!!

i will be posting more about this project soon, because we co-designed several necklaces for other characters, which i will post photos of as well, and its just a massively awesome project!! yayyyyy.

love you Al!! you are a shining example of creativity, and beauty in my life, thank you for your light!!! xoxoxoxo