Rossmore goes to DALLAS!!

let's hear a hurrrayyyy for the BIG D!!!

im so excited! packing right now for my very 1st Dallas Trunk Show!!!

i went to High School in Plano, just north of D, and have remained close w/ some very very AMAZING women, & they have been kind enough to invite me to show my wares to their lovely friends!!!

its such an honor!! & not to mention, a total dream come true! i love traveling, meeting new people, etc. and showing my jewelry is such a sincere vehicle for me to get to do something I love to do anyway!!!! G R A T I T U D E!!! yaayyyyyy.

&&& special MASSIVE THANK YOUs to Ashley & Ashley!! the Hostesses w/ the Mostesses.. y'all are the RADNESSSSSS! woop woop!

see yalls tomorrow!

also, thank you to WhereWearInTheCity for writing such a nice Blog Post about what I've been up to and helping to get the word out! ! HEARTS mamas! xxoo >> you can read their lovely post HERE.