RossmoreLA. UrbanOutfitters Flea!! yayyyy

special thanks to the team at SPACE 15 Twenty for putting on my most favorite event!! the Monthly Flea Day in their courtyard! it's massive fun and full of Radness!!!

we sold gear, socialized, and DIY'd, whilst macking on young coconut smoothies, tamales and greek food from the Hollywood Farmers Market next door and grooving to dynamic dj stylings! how do you get a better day than that?

muahhh muahh muahhh.


RossmoreLA Urban Outfitters DIY

Rossmore LA is featured on the Urban Outfitters Blog!!! hot hot hot!!! >>>> here's the scoop:

I'm soooo excited for Sunday! Courtney of LA Vintage Exchange and I are hosting the DIY Event during Space 15 Twenty's Monthly Flea Market! It's a combination of our brands... Jewelry and Vintage, in that we are going to demonstrate taking apart junk jewelry to make something new and full of uber-radness.

Please come out and support...especially because it's FREEEE! We are providing the materials!!! and good cheer of course. muahh. can't wait to see you lovers. xoxo



Grey in Silverlake,,
the cute store that share's space with the other cute store, Pull My Daisy...

has brand new Rossmore stock! >>>in fact,, there is an entire case, & mind you, THE ONLY ONE IN LA :),,, devoted to the dynamic jewelry stylings of yours truly!! I am sooo excited and honored... thank you ladiesss

soooo, Please go in and support a Sistahhh!

or eyeball the Rossmore duds and email me saying how much you love such and such piece and/or Caprice needs to order it for you in yellow gold instead... or drop by and hit me to say,
"omg! they are sold out!!! get more stizzuff in there chicken!!" haha

okkkeeedokes! much love and light to everyone that has helped along the way to get this lil project out there in its first phase of development,,,customers, friends, champions,,, mondo appreciation!! especially to Miss Caprice!!!! you are THE RADNESSSSS muahh xoxoxo

Apt 3 Suite SALE! with Rossmore LA this SATURDAY!

hey yall pritties out there! come out for the launch of my new 'Only Hearts' collection at the Apt 3 Pre -Valentine's Day VIP Penthouse "Suite" Sale!!

There will be tons of Vintage on sale by The AMAZING HOST OF THE EVENT
>> Apt 3!!!

...not to mention duds by LA Vintage Exchange !!!

...and of course me Rossmore LA ...

this SATURDAY at the DOWNTOWN STANDARD 1pm-6pm :)

come come come come come come come come come come come come come come