Rossmore Say Anything New Jewelry

Sooo many of you have been buying the 'Say Anything' collection pieces, that i figured its time to put pen to paper.. or fingers to keys and tell the whole story... here goes:

my friend Elizabeth B. and I were having lunch... she was telling me this story about a friend's marriage proposal done in the style from the movie Say Anything...you know. the one where John Cusack's character holds up a boom box outside the house etc... and that's how the proposal began... get it?

the wonderful story got me thinking about meaning. and how we express ourselves, because in 'Say Anything' the character uses a song to better express how he really feels...

& as many of you know.. in my first collection i used objects, jewelry pieces, to better express how i was feeling!! ...like on broad-universal ideas about love and life.

i was approaching modern jewelry design with a nod to its intrinsic heritage... you know.. as amuletry.. ie people wearing objects because they hold a special meaning ,,not just fashion!

but, that being said, i think i succeeded in making a collection that walked that all so elusive fine line.. bridging fashion and special!!

what do yall think? did i do it?

but recently it became time for a second collection. and thankfully inspiration struck w/ Elizabeth's story.

the moment ensued to create the next iteration of my vision for jewelry!

which after having made objects wrought w/ sooo much meaning.. the new challenge became for me was to design jewelry WITHOUT specific meaning. hence. the new Say Anything name style tags that irreverently aren't meant for names or engraving!

the idea is that when someone sees your necklace and leans in to ask ...'oh what does it say?' (because they always do).. thats when you say.. 'it doesn't SAY ANYTHING' !!!!

which usually produces a kind of amusement and typically a jovial, albeit, meaningless conversation!! haha

which i love! people having random:) moments...

anyhow, please dont ask me to engrave the pieces because i wont! hahaha

how very modern and primordially antithetical of me! hahahaha

ok. over and out.