Rossmore, LA Vintage Exchange, Bellacures: Holiday Spread-tacular!

Thanks soooo much to all y'all that came out to our festive soiree hosted by the lovely Samira of Bellacures. What a wonderful party with wonderful company! Truly delightful and filled with holiday cheer! Look at the before and after pix of the practical decimation of the radical spread provided by Rossmore and LA Vintage Exchange!!

Ummmm Courtney... your cookies are I N S A N E!! lock that recipe up, its worth money!! however, i do prefer LA Vintage Exchange to LA Bakery Exchange. b/c it'd be bad news for our fashion sporting aspirations, if you know what I mean...???

ok. Massssive Love to Everyone that attended. Thank you! over and out. &see you at Kristina's tonight!Champagne/Grand Marnier/Cranberry Cocktails in a Holiday Punch Bowl... inter-stellar and beautiful too!
Rossmore and LA Vintage Exchange at Bellacures in Beverly Hills! Radness.
new pieces
new stock!
ok, I call those LA Vintage Exchange boots on the far right. mine-ers!! don't hate.
the 'Spread' was done-ers before it knew what hit it!!!! our ladies like to enjoy fizoood and drizzzank. love it! xoxoxox