Rossmore...Hammering Away

Added some styles to Rossmore.. check the Mobius w/ the long chain.. available in multiple lengths as well as colors.. ie oxidized silver, gold, rose gold etc...

Hit me for orders on lovemarksthespot@gmail.com >>> my birthday is next week so half off promotion in full effect!!! xoxoxo

Quiksilver Drop In

okay so this has nothing to do with anything other than i enjoy snapping fotos and was proud i succeeded in getting a few decent one with my lil digi. not bad i thought for a first timer w/ moving men on slabs of wood.... so anyhow:

a lil while back...i had the opportunity to drop in and see my friend Eddie at Quiksilver in Huntington Beach, CA,,, where I took some pix...

>>see them drop in to the in-house Bowl. &Enjoy!! I did! p.s. their skate blog is here.

THANKS EDDIE!!! you're rad...PMA!!! >>>>> talent: Eddie Gutierrez. apparel: Quiksilver. bowl: Quiksilver. deck: ShakeJunt


Yard Sale SUMMER!!!!

...Just having a grand ol' time selling in the sun, enjoying the day, enjoying great company, and of course, random photo mayhem con el vintage and mucho whatnots! haha k ttys xo

special thanks to Courtney of LA VINTAGE EXCHANGE for putting the day together!!
and so fun hanging w/ Sandy and Rachel! y'all are AMAZING!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Rossmore goes to Viktor & Rolf Preview

Some things I've been up to since my last check in...

A) I went to a Preview for the most recent Viktor & Rolf collection!!!! I N S A N E!! such workmanship...GORGEOUS garments...

ps I've always had a thing for Flowerbomb... and seeing these items in person, really
re-ignited my passion to go get me some, like now...done and done... great brand. I'll
support however I can...

....&&&& i got to try on the sickest jacket. beautiful detailing. fine fine fine piece. money please rain down from the sky, I need this Jacket! hahaha

also.. please note how well Rossmore Jewelry goes with designer clothing... that's me sporting the Horizon in oxidized pink gold and the Mobius earrings w/ chain in silver on silver!!!