ROSSMORE STOCK >> on hand!!

First and FOREMOST>>>> THANK YOU to all my friends and family that have swooped and scooped a piece of ROSSMORE!! I am so so so so so grateful,,, i get tears in my eyes... but the best part is how many of you i've seen out and about rocking this gear,, knowing that you love it as much as i do, brings serious joy to my heart. it's what it's about!!! thank you abundantly from the bottom of my soul :) yayyyy!

and now, on to business...haha

this is what is currently available:

2 Roosters > aka Fortune > 1 gold, 1 silver
1 Pebble > aka Fortune > 1 silver ...SOLD!!!
1 Circle> aka Attraction > 1 silver
1 Infinity > silver
1 Horizon > oxidized silver
1 Horn > aka Power
2 Pearls > aka Hope 1 gold, 1 silver
3 Lightweight Danglies > aka Super 8s > 1 pair gold, 1 pair silver, 1 pair rose

I may get a little box of goodies next week with Pirate Ships and Swords, but in the meantime, this is IT!!!

so super huge fyi, I'd love to sell all of it!!!! so any and all help is greatly appreciated... Please forward on to all avid shoppers and fashion jewelry lovers!

collection at http://RossmoreLA.com

email: lovemarksthespot@gmail.com to reserve your piece!! deals deals deals xoxox