love marks the spot been crazeeee busy. + stylee spot

the australians...effortless
estel. nuff said.
stylee painter, lovely lovely
maven from the other coast...
neighborhood miss thang. hotness.
neighborhood cutee in a great vintage re-make from the craft fair
gawdd i loved these girls! come say hi soon ladies...

cutest couple ever.

want to do a re-cap.. but may just have to do it post by post.. all outta order and such...

1st up..

two weeks ago,, i did the Silverlake Arts and Crafts Fair with the most loveliest of lovelies,,, Courtney from LA VINTAGE EXCHANGE!!!

she showed me the ropes at the market and we collabed on these rad styleee pix...

check it out. i snapped em, but she did the tough calls on the edits and creative spin :)

love love love,,, thanks Courtney!! i LOVE YOU ohhhhh so so so much! and so do all your rad customers that scoop your sick vintage finds. what what!!

ok.. ta~ta for now.