ANTI -Paparazzi BAG!!!!!! >> Adam Harvey

OMG >>> I got to hold the ANTI -PAPARAZZI CLUTCH!!!!!!!! sounds kinda nerdy that i'm excited about it...but,

it's just such an insanely brillian idea, i love it.. technology + fashion = radness

here's the skinny:

ADAM HARVEY invented it.. here's his site, full of cool details : http://ahprojects.com/ >> check it out!

--but the fun part for me, is that i happened to be out the same night he broke the device on the scene!!! >> and was fortunate enough to have Adam snap my picture with it... and when i say broke, i mean broke.. as in NBC articles and at least 40 technology blogs covered it...


being a completely obsessed blog freak,,, im so stoked to have actually been in contact with the whole thing because there is only one proto-type right now..and i got to hold it,,, i mean vogue hasn't even gotten their hands on it!!!

hahahaha.. that's supposed to be funny ;) ...

but SERIOUS, one day i hope they do have the bag in an editorial. that would be awesome...

okay, enough. bottom line is::>> so cool!

thanks Adam, thanks Heather. y'all rock for sending me the pic too.

good luck, cheers to much success!