Rossmore New Styles - Assorted Earrings!!!

The hand-hewn aspect is evident in the perfect imperfections of each set.
I turn these earrings on the bench block as I hammer, so there is a subtle twist at the bottom arc, just like a mobius strip. They are to represent the infinity in our lives, like how our paths continue eternally...

The triangle is a powerful symbol. One that harnesses energy. It is especially useful in breaking through blocks and barriers while implementing centuries old healing modalities, such as Sat Nam Rasayan. Wear the triangles when it's time to clear and then pave a new way!
As a hexagon, with six sides,, the universe finds a lit path.. relating to all things of a brilliant nature. Much like the entire cosmos, we are the light of our lives... the more perfection we sense in what already is, the more flow enters our lives. Wear the cosmos earrings to get in touch with a more dynamic and universal sense of your self...

Hey there kids, I've been at it.. designing..

okay, so lets be honest..i'm not re-inventing the wheel, but i'd like to think i do a pretty special spin on these objects.. especially cuz im pounding away on them at the ol' bench block...hand- hewn by yours truly :)!!!

and ps i'll def do another post w/ how they look on..cuz i know how peeps love to see w/ their eyes.. but SENSATIONAL pretty much describes how they look OKAY!...

email me to order a pair! im running a special!! you'll never believe what a deal i've got for you. these are extraordinary babies. haha

big kisses and love and light!!!


Rossmore & Fine.Spun CONTEST WINNER

hey there, so in case anyone was wondering.. there was a contest winner... i drew it out of a lil bowl.. and it was Jackie!!!

i asked her to send me a pic of her winnings.. Rossmore Earrings and a Fine.Spun Headband !!!

thanks Jackie, glad you're enjoying...& do tell us about how you are wearing your fun stuff whenever you get a chance,,,k. wooooop woooop!!!


love marks the spot been crazeeee busy. + stylee spot

the australians...effortless
estel. nuff said.
stylee painter, lovely lovely
maven from the other coast...
neighborhood miss thang. hotness.
neighborhood cutee in a great vintage re-make from the craft fair
gawdd i loved these girls! come say hi soon ladies...

cutest couple ever.

want to do a re-cap.. but may just have to do it post by post.. all outta order and such...

1st up..

two weeks ago,, i did the Silverlake Arts and Crafts Fair with the most loveliest of lovelies,,, Courtney from LA VINTAGE EXCHANGE!!!

she showed me the ropes at the market and we collabed on these rad styleee pix...

check it out. i snapped em, but she did the tough calls on the edits and creative spin :)

love love love,,, thanks Courtney!! i LOVE YOU ohhhhh so so so much! and so do all your rad customers that scoop your sick vintage finds. what what!!

ok.. ta~ta for now.


ROSSMORE STOCK >> on hand!!

First and FOREMOST>>>> THANK YOU to all my friends and family that have swooped and scooped a piece of ROSSMORE!! I am so so so so so grateful,,, i get tears in my eyes... but the best part is how many of you i've seen out and about rocking this gear,, knowing that you love it as much as i do, brings serious joy to my heart. it's what it's about!!! thank you abundantly from the bottom of my soul :) yayyyy!

and now, on to business...haha

this is what is currently available:

2 Roosters > aka Fortune > 1 gold, 1 silver
1 Pebble > aka Fortune > 1 silver ...SOLD!!!
1 Circle> aka Attraction > 1 silver
1 Infinity > silver
1 Horizon > oxidized silver
1 Horn > aka Power
2 Pearls > aka Hope 1 gold, 1 silver
3 Lightweight Danglies > aka Super 8s > 1 pair gold, 1 pair silver, 1 pair rose

I may get a little box of goodies next week with Pirate Ships and Swords, but in the meantime, this is IT!!!

so super huge fyi, I'd love to sell all of it!!!! so any and all help is greatly appreciated... Please forward on to all avid shoppers and fashion jewelry lovers!

collection at http://RossmoreLA.com

email: lovemarksthespot@gmail.com to reserve your piece!! deals deals deals xoxox



ANTI -Paparazzi BAG!!!!!! >> Adam Harvey

OMG >>> I got to hold the ANTI -PAPARAZZI CLUTCH!!!!!!!! sounds kinda nerdy that i'm excited about it...but,

it's just such an insanely brillian idea, i love it.. technology + fashion = radness

here's the skinny:

ADAM HARVEY invented it.. here's his site, full of cool details : http://ahprojects.com/ >> check it out!

--but the fun part for me, is that i happened to be out the same night he broke the device on the scene!!! >> and was fortunate enough to have Adam snap my picture with it... and when i say broke, i mean broke.. as in NBC articles and at least 40 technology blogs covered it...


being a completely obsessed blog freak,,, im so stoked to have actually been in contact with the whole thing because there is only one proto-type right now..and i got to hold it,,, i mean vogue hasn't even gotten their hands on it!!!

hahahaha.. that's supposed to be funny ;) ...

but SERIOUS, one day i hope they do have the bag in an editorial. that would be awesome...

okay, enough. bottom line is::>> so cool!

thanks Adam, thanks Heather. y'all rock for sending me the pic too.

good luck, cheers to much success!