Rossmore ::: NEW STOCK!!!! yayy yayy

hey y'all! just what i've been waiting for!! and hopefully you too?!?!

.... NEW ROSSMORE STOCK is in the house!!

I'm sooooo excited!

you can go to Rossmore's website http://www.rossmorela.com/ to view the collection...

and here is a list of what is available IMMEDIATELY at http://www.lovemarksthespot.com/

3 Fortune: 1 gold TAKEN, 1 ox gold, 1 matte silver
3 Power: 1 gold TAKEN, 1 silver TAKEN, 1 two-tone
2 Protection: 1 gold (featured above) SOLD!!!yayay , 1 silver
2 Horizon: 1 shiny shiny gold! SOLD!!!!, 1 ox silver (very cool)
2 Strength: 1 gold SOLD !!!, 1 silver SOLD!!woop
4 Hope: 1 gold 1 TAKEN, 2 silver
1 Wealth: 1 gold (this is sick!!! email me for a pic) SOLD!!
1 Attraction: 1 silver on rose gold chain
1 Soul: 1 silver on yellow gold chain SOLD!!!
1 Galaxy: 1 silver >>>this is extra DOPE!
1 Union: 1 silver on AMAZING rose gold chain
1 Heart: 1 gold SOLD!!
1 Laughter: 1 silver SOLD!!
1 Friendship: 1 shiny gold >>>>SOLD!!!!! thx girl!!
2 Voyage: 1 gold, 1 silver
Freedom: SOLD OUT!! (for now, expecting a few very soon... hot seller!)
Balance: 1 gold necklace, . earrings SOLD OUT!!
Super 8s: a few pairs of gold and silver combos and even some rose gold/silver combos

or ps if interested, email lovemarksthespot@gmail.com for a pic of any particular item, as the production is Inter-Stellar and sometimes a little more unique and artistically handled than some of the sample pics on rossmorela.com/lovemarksthespot.com ... ie use of more elaborate chains or different metal working techniques etc etc



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