Riot Report SETS TREND! Imitation is Indeed Flattering!

Hey All,

Just want to point out, to great flattery that http://www.RIOTREPORT.com officially launched April 13th 2009 and within days Apparel News began a new column!!!!! see this letter they posted on facebook>>this no doubt was a response to the letter they recieved from RiotReport announcing their launch...

Apparel News Daily Reader

The editors at ApparelNews.net are always looking for a good story—and we’ve decided to share.

Every day we’ll be combing the Internet for stories about the apparel industry, fashion—and anything else we find interesting or entertaining—and posting links here for you.

If you have any suggestions of stories to add and sites to visit, feel free to comment. We’ll check it out.

Here is today’s Daily Reader:

(etc they go on to post links)

Indeed, RIOTREPORT.com set the trend!!! And what's more, this trend wasn't reported by a major fashion news publication, instead it was copied...

isnt that when one knows their idea is really good?! when the info is subverted rather than shared! RIOT ON MY FRIENDS!