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Mark and Estel, the Music & Fashion duo, changed the world's silhouette 4 years ago, when Mary Kate Olsen started rocking their cut-up leggings and over-sized designer t-shirts all over New York. They were the first who dared to rip holes in a legging and make t-shirts that were 5 sizes too large, and they started making swing-t's when everyone was still sporting tight short muffin top shirts 3 times too small.
They are always ahead of trends, which is why we aren't surprised that the latest style icon, Lady Ga Ga, has been photographed 3 times in the last month wearing their "Swiss Cheese Pants" (as Perez Hilton calls them). Mark and Estel have mastered the art of combining comfort and cutting edge style, and we see people wearing their designs over and over again.Their website www.markandestel.com is just as unique as the fashion icons who sport their style. Mark and Estel themselves are seen modeling their own designs (maybe a model thrown in here or there) and their unique electronic-pop-rock music is blasting on several pages of the site. "You Seduce Me", one of their catchy love songs, oozes the same cutting edge taste apparent in Mark and Estel threads. Imagine if Bonnie & Clyde sang a rock ballad.... Love it!

Mark and Estel are two to watch out for.. their hot designs can now be found in well-known boutiques like Barney's Japan, Madison Los Angeles, and Intermix, just to name a few. 11 Mark and Estel songs, their entire self-titled first album can now be purchased on itunes and Amazon.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles on June 12th during Fashion Week, don't miss Mark and Estel's live music performance at Molly Malone's in Hollywood (at 7:30pm). Word is they will be giving away free Mark and Estel t-shirts and other fun surprises.. thank god I live in Los Angeles!

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