K.Allyn !!!! --HOT on REVOLVEclothing.com

okay. i live in LA.

pretty much a given that i can't wear T-SHIRTS enough...

(so, yess.. first and foremost.. i heart mark and estel! woop woop, see ya'll at the show Friday!)

...but i also LOVE this line K.Allyn ...check it out..

the fun pics showed up on the front page of revolveclothing.com yesterday {CONGRATS! what an honor...} and totally caught my attention,

and while i was already aware of the up-and-coming line.. Revolve's editorial shed new light..it really cemented that vision of how t-shirts are more than the sum of their physical parts.. { which im supposing is why the K.Allyn tagline is "just another girl, not just another t-shirt..." }

ie the T's are amazing.. you can see in the layouts that they really lend themselves to be outfitted and accessorized in so many ways, with EASE! ...like whatever that girl is trying to channel for the day.. she can be that in K.Allyn ...right?... whether you're the hippest hipster flossin at the indie show, a pretty sorority girl heading out for date night, or an entertainment exec looking casually cool at tonight's premiere, (in L.A. maybe you're all three? haha) ,, you can wear these T's and rock it!

check out the editorial and line on www.revolveclothing.com and find out more about this subtly HOT new-comer at www.kallynclothing.com