which came first?

I love this T-Shirt by Brett Westfall,,, Unholy Matrimony.


so when i saw this T in this spread.. i began to wonder...
a shot from a terry richardson spread>> http://www.fashiontoast.com/2009/06/boarding-pass.html

which came first?????

not that it's a huge deal because they're only similar, not completely alike...

i'm just interested in which way fashion is trickling? ya know, in a curious sense>

anyone know the origins of the university nowhere T? my eyes couldnt make out the fine print...

haha>> xxoo


Riot Report SETS TREND! Imitation is Indeed Flattering!

Hey All,

Just want to point out, to great flattery that http://www.RIOTREPORT.com officially launched April 13th 2009 and within days Apparel News began a new column!!!!! see this letter they posted on facebook>>this no doubt was a response to the letter they recieved from RiotReport announcing their launch...

Apparel News Daily Reader

The editors at ApparelNews.net are always looking for a good story—and we’ve decided to share.

Every day we’ll be combing the Internet for stories about the apparel industry, fashion—and anything else we find interesting or entertaining—and posting links here for you.

If you have any suggestions of stories to add and sites to visit, feel free to comment. We’ll check it out.

Here is today’s Daily Reader:

(etc they go on to post links)

Indeed, RIOTREPORT.com set the trend!!! And what's more, this trend wasn't reported by a major fashion news publication, instead it was copied...

isnt that when one knows their idea is really good?! when the info is subverted rather than shared! RIOT ON MY FRIENDS!



Win fun stuff!!! Win win win!!!

Win this head band in pink or black and a pair of earrings! Courtesy of Vanessa from Etsy store Fine.Spun, and LoveMarksTheSpot. These items are just a fun promo to say thanks for checking us out!!

In order to be in the raffle, please comment on this post and then email lovemarksthespot@gmail.com with your email and the city you live in! I will then be in touch with the winner of the raffle for shipping info! The raffle will be after 14 days from the date of this post so make sure you email before then...

Au revoir!!!!

Headband Inspo!!

okay,,its funny... b/c i actually started wearing that scarf on my head before we made the sunshine sessions video with this song.. and then i went and found the original video.. that had Whitney in the same crazy headband..so then i made the pics of me wearing the over-the-top headpiece look to lunch! do I pull it off? anyway, watch the video to see the totality of the full-circle..hahaha LOL >>> all in all, woop woop!! go Whitney!!!!!


just my lunch outfit

went to Milk on Beverly for lunch... shared a cold soba & shrimp salad and a ridiculously delicious panini w/ prosciutto & mozzarella & parm... love. but mostly happy with the divine company of Vanessa,, shooting the day to day of our average, ordinary nonsense. perfect...what sunny LA days are made for!>>...a lil fun fashion and some great company at a sidewalk cafe. ta ta~~!

scarf: jet rag vintage, earrings: lovemarksthespot.com , necklace: rossmorela.com top: markandestel.com , bracelets: vintage and china town , pants: capezio , shoes: forever 21 , hair: johnny ramirez for chris mcmillan


Sister Mantos>> on YoungCreature

CRAZY >>fun lil interview w/ Oscar of Sister Mantos >> http://www.youngcreature.net/2009/06/sister-mantos.html



D&A Los Angeles>>June 09

so Sunday i took a pleasant sojourn to downtown LA for D&A, where i happened upon some friends and acquaintences,, who kindly took a moment to display their wares for all y'all!!! so listen up, check this stuff out and visit their respective links to find more amazingness than you could imagine.. alright? ALRIGHT!

please get acquainted with the extraordinary Alicia Lawhon! and her latest muse >>Reclaimed in LA >> which was part of the Green area of D&A.

i love this top!!! (email her to buy it!)
Alicia sews her pieces, all from reclaimed garments, taking great care to help each new item fully express its grandeur by building upon the items previous incarnations; for example, this T's thoroughly rough-hewn hue is cleverly accentuated in the reverse, she then added her signature chiffon, which is further elevated through a touch of dainty vintage chain topping! turning the entire piece into a lil piece of INDIE FASHION HEAVEN, yum!! ...and not to mention LOVE her green agenda>> TOTALLY RECYCLED>> GREEN!!!woop wooop
this vest is completely reclaimed luxury design!
Alicia and Reclaimed in LA is becoming increasingly known for re-cycled designer pieces like sick re-worked Missoni,,, die!! love!!
also, check the chiffon cover panama hat?!?! who would-a-thunk? AMAZING>> ps she covers buttons, hats, evening clutches and seemingly disparate objects w/ her signature sumptuous material, for added visual consistency throughout the collection...

some final notes: Alicia JUST LOVES design, it makes her truly happy to make others smile and feel good in her garments..>>on a personality note, EVERYONE!!, she is a breath of fresh air and energy!!<<,,, she adores the opportunity for fabulousness in the everyday that fashion can give a person...and fyi, is also an artist that has shown at the Jail Gallery in LA, and is a costume designer and stylist to plenty of A-Listers,,,
furthermore, her heritage hails from Nayarit, Mexico, therefore, she tries to bring a little piece of that lineage to her wares, especially in the sense of reclaimation and reuse, and always using everything>> the anti-thesis of wastefulness!!! etc etc...feel me? okay, all in all, thank you Alicia!!!
please find yourself face to face w/ SidVintage by Nanci Bennett,,, i hardly have words for how DOPE this ring is that stands before you... so i'll let these pics do the talking when it comes to her designs which also feature re-newed items along the Green initiative...
Nanci is super into theconcept of moment.. that idea of being a craftsperson fueled by the passion to create on-the-fly,,so each piece is from a unique place and time, indeed art!! can i just say? that the visual excitement of her gift for arrangement is spectacular!! love love love.. go Nanci!,, serious if i could have just walked off with one of these pieces...
oh there i go.. can't say that i didn't try!!! amazing.wonderful. great for layering with other pieces too! check my little Rossmore x Sid Vintage ensemble...haha
AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email Nanci for any and all info regarding purchasing a rad piece from her!! she's super cool to hang out with, i met her for the first time yesterday and totally fell for her warmth and creative vision and inspiration.. she said its mainly about her friends and the people in her life, they are the ones that get her going to make these rad objects. i really really enjoyed her enthusiasm for her inner-circle, and how one day wearing a tiara to the grocery store is all it takes to eternally change ones perspective,, so take her Rx and give it a try!! and then comment on your experiences here on this post???? haha do it!! yeahh yeahh
okay. over and out.. ps tomorrow i will follow up w/ some more tidbits on others i covered while at D&A, including jewelry artist Laura Lobdell and some nuggets from some other cool cats.. aaiight!
ta ta,


Rossmore ::: NEW STOCK!!!! yayy yayy

hey y'all! just what i've been waiting for!! and hopefully you too?!?!

.... NEW ROSSMORE STOCK is in the house!!

I'm sooooo excited!

you can go to Rossmore's website http://www.rossmorela.com/ to view the collection...

and here is a list of what is available IMMEDIATELY at http://www.lovemarksthespot.com/

3 Fortune: 1 gold TAKEN, 1 ox gold, 1 matte silver
3 Power: 1 gold TAKEN, 1 silver TAKEN, 1 two-tone
2 Protection: 1 gold (featured above) SOLD!!!yayay , 1 silver
2 Horizon: 1 shiny shiny gold! SOLD!!!!, 1 ox silver (very cool)
2 Strength: 1 gold SOLD !!!, 1 silver SOLD!!woop
4 Hope: 1 gold 1 TAKEN, 2 silver
1 Wealth: 1 gold (this is sick!!! email me for a pic) SOLD!!
1 Attraction: 1 silver on rose gold chain
1 Soul: 1 silver on yellow gold chain SOLD!!!
1 Galaxy: 1 silver >>>this is extra DOPE!
1 Union: 1 silver on AMAZING rose gold chain
1 Heart: 1 gold SOLD!!
1 Laughter: 1 silver SOLD!!
1 Friendship: 1 shiny gold >>>>SOLD!!!!! thx girl!!
2 Voyage: 1 gold, 1 silver
Freedom: SOLD OUT!! (for now, expecting a few very soon... hot seller!)
Balance: 1 gold necklace, . earrings SOLD OUT!!
Super 8s: a few pairs of gold and silver combos and even some rose gold/silver combos

or ps if interested, email lovemarksthespot@gmail.com for a pic of any particular item, as the production is Inter-Stellar and sometimes a little more unique and artistically handled than some of the sample pics on rossmorela.com/lovemarksthespot.com ... ie use of more elaborate chains or different metal working techniques etc etc



***spread love and light throughout the universe,,, please forward this post to all your fashionable and lovely friends!!!!!

K.Allyn !!!! --HOT on REVOLVEclothing.com

okay. i live in LA.

pretty much a given that i can't wear T-SHIRTS enough...

(so, yess.. first and foremost.. i heart mark and estel! woop woop, see ya'll at the show Friday!)

...but i also LOVE this line K.Allyn ...check it out..

the fun pics showed up on the front page of revolveclothing.com yesterday {CONGRATS! what an honor...} and totally caught my attention,

and while i was already aware of the up-and-coming line.. Revolve's editorial shed new light..it really cemented that vision of how t-shirts are more than the sum of their physical parts.. { which im supposing is why the K.Allyn tagline is "just another girl, not just another t-shirt..." }

ie the T's are amazing.. you can see in the layouts that they really lend themselves to be outfitted and accessorized in so many ways, with EASE! ...like whatever that girl is trying to channel for the day.. she can be that in K.Allyn ...right?... whether you're the hippest hipster flossin at the indie show, a pretty sorority girl heading out for date night, or an entertainment exec looking casually cool at tonight's premiere, (in L.A. maybe you're all three? haha) ,, you can wear these T's and rock it!

check out the editorial and line on www.revolveclothing.com and find out more about this subtly HOT new-comer at www.kallynclothing.com



Mark and Estel >>Cutting Edge **Music and Fashion

Mark and Estel, the Music & Fashion duo, changed the world's silhouette 4 years ago, when Mary Kate Olsen started rocking their cut-up leggings and over-sized designer t-shirts all over New York. They were the first who dared to rip holes in a legging and make t-shirts that were 5 sizes too large, and they started making swing-t's when everyone was still sporting tight short muffin top shirts 3 times too small.
They are always ahead of trends, which is why we aren't surprised that the latest style icon, Lady Ga Ga, has been photographed 3 times in the last month wearing their "Swiss Cheese Pants" (as Perez Hilton calls them). Mark and Estel have mastered the art of combining comfort and cutting edge style, and we see people wearing their designs over and over again.Their website www.markandestel.com is just as unique as the fashion icons who sport their style. Mark and Estel themselves are seen modeling their own designs (maybe a model thrown in here or there) and their unique electronic-pop-rock music is blasting on several pages of the site. "You Seduce Me", one of their catchy love songs, oozes the same cutting edge taste apparent in Mark and Estel threads. Imagine if Bonnie & Clyde sang a rock ballad.... Love it!

Mark and Estel are two to watch out for.. their hot designs can now be found in well-known boutiques like Barney's Japan, Madison Los Angeles, and Intermix, just to name a few. 11 Mark and Estel songs, their entire self-titled first album can now be purchased on itunes and Amazon.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles on June 12th during Fashion Week, don't miss Mark and Estel's live music performance at Molly Malone's in Hollywood (at 7:30pm). Word is they will be giving away free Mark and Estel t-shirts and other fun surprises.. thank god I live in Los Angeles!

Check out Mark and Estel

hey there, WOKE UP SMILING!!!

guess what? me too! i woke up smiling!!

i am totally loving this blog!!! this girl is completely HILARIOUS>>>> her non-sequitur quips are so my type of humor! like this one had me at hello...


please check her stuff regularly :) b/c i know i will...

Sunshine Sessions #2: Phil Collins 'Against All Odds'

another brilliant Sunday out in the sunshine!!! friends having fun.. enjoying life..>>> wooop woooop!

check out the cool Mark and Estel Kimono and Rossmore necklace and earrings on LivAvatar...


Sunshine Sessions #1:: Whitney Houston 'How Will I Know'

out in Malibu.. feeling happy.. channeling Whitney Houston over the ocean while chillin on rooftops.. what is better than enjoying life and singing little hearts out with your best friends???!!! yayyyy Liv Avatar sings Whitney Houston via Jenny Karr's amazingnessssss!!!!!!