Temporary Spaces."part club.part creative installation."

So the Temporary Spaces event was amazing.
Sean Patrick and Miss Kendra Dennis put together a wonderful evening of shopping and socializing at the uber Temporary Spaces. Thank you!!!! Totally honored for the inclusion.

(If you wanna brush up on your pop fanfare within contemporary Los Angeles nightlife... here's a necessary dose... http://losangeles.metromix.com/bars-and-clubs/article/inside-temporary-spaces/114737/content )

And here is a pic of the lil LMTS display.
  • The inspiration has been this "Fun things for Fun People" idea of Eighties remix. Totally serious about not taking oneself too seriously ya know.
  • We got wayyy strung out on bright plastics and standout neons. The pieces were designed to garner attention. And that they did.

And thats me and Larrison. Jules couldn't make it so Lar graciously helped out with setup/teardown/modeling and manufacturing as well!!! (do you see the crazy earrings or what?)

Thanks Larrison. DelTintherainforever!