Let's talk about the other participants! just for a sec....

Miss Raquel Weiss participated in the Temporary Spaces event with her wares... and naturally...SOLD OUT! (see the empty hangers!) The girl is truly amazing. Serious on the trade secret tip. fully patentable process on these T's. I was lucky enough to score one for myself. I can't begin to gush enough over how much i love my T-shirt and her T-shirts in general. I have been wearing it for days straight now. I mentioned her previously here on LMTS.. so check it
but to elaborate. She meticulously works on each T-shirt in the most caring way. the result is a truly covetable, completely unique item to be worn and cherished and even guarded! I will never lend out this baby.I mean i'd probably steal it from a friend on the veiled request to 'borrow' HA! thats how rad they are.

And here are some items from the lovely Allison Burns. she is truly inspiring. a top notch designer and bad ass business woman. if I could have just a lil of her savvy put into my pinky finger... well i'd be in a hell of a better situation! but alas...time can only produce that type of acumen and experience. guess i'll have to stick around a lil longer.
And back to the product. if you don't have one of her handbags you're severely sleepin on it. I absolutely love my lush envelope clutch. its the perfect size. supple leather and great versatility and convenience with its lil outside zipper pouch and fold over casual utitlity. genious.

And here we have some neighborhood kids kicking it at the bar and shopping the scene. Stylish!

well there you have it.

oh and Chrys Wong with The Battalion participated as well. gotta get my hands on one of her coats. serious serious style.