Revolve - Doin It Well

I love how RevolveClothing.com is producing their very own 'Style Guides' by collaborating with talented stylists. I feel they are doing a much more realisitic job than journalisitic publications. They're saying, "here's what we bought, we have it in stock, 'hey Stylist A, have at it!'" Then the stylist enters their closet or what I refer to as RevolveClothing's "Canon of Contemporary Fashion" and plays dress up.
The real kicker though, is when you realize you can buy the item right there on the site, in real-time. Voila, linear fashion! I love it.
They do a great job. It's more realistic than shopping out of the pages of Vogue... really now, are you going to call around to all those stores to get your Chloe, Prada, Gucci, Louis, and Marc? And then what are the chances the item is in stock? And then, do you have an established relationship with the salesperson to get you on 'the list'? Good luck. I'll be shopping at RevolveClothing.com thank you.
Styling by Britt Bardo
Styling by Nicole Chavez
Styling by Rachel Zoe
http://www.revolveclothing.com/looks/DisplayLooks2.jsp?lookGroupID=3 Really the whole operation is genius. Great job ya'll!