Central Market

Go check out the Central Market in downtown L.A. ...it's A-MAZING. The sensory overload is stupendous while the flavorful fare is a good grub!

P.S. These fine photos are the courtesy C.Stokes' sharp eye.


street fashion phenom

Perhaps the most amazing phenomenon of fashion blogging has been the rise of the Street Fashion Scene. There are hundreds of blogs devoted to hunting down people in the streets of the entire world. The hunted seem to be able to rock their distinctive taste with jaw-dropping precision often times flouting the common trends for their personal staging of divine fashion inspiration! Here are a few street-icons that I found today. Beware...street fashion is QUIRKY!



a great posting

http://www.shopdiary.com/2007/09/16/diy-how-to-make-a-hooded-tunic-dress/ This is a link about making a DIY hoodie by L.A.'s own Mike and Chris. Fun stuff.

(photo : shopdiary.com)

Revolve - Doin It Well

I love how RevolveClothing.com is producing their very own 'Style Guides' by collaborating with talented stylists. I feel they are doing a much more realisitic job than journalisitic publications. They're saying, "here's what we bought, we have it in stock, 'hey Stylist A, have at it!'" Then the stylist enters their closet or what I refer to as RevolveClothing's "Canon of Contemporary Fashion" and plays dress up.
The real kicker though, is when you realize you can buy the item right there on the site, in real-time. Voila, linear fashion! I love it.
They do a great job. It's more realistic than shopping out of the pages of Vogue... really now, are you going to call around to all those stores to get your Chloe, Prada, Gucci, Louis, and Marc? And then what are the chances the item is in stock? And then, do you have an established relationship with the salesperson to get you on 'the list'? Good luck. I'll be shopping at RevolveClothing.com thank you.
Styling by Britt Bardo
Styling by Nicole Chavez
Styling by Rachel Zoe
http://www.revolveclothing.com/looks/DisplayLooks2.jsp?lookGroupID=3 Really the whole operation is genius. Great job ya'll!


great article- "pavement-up" fashion



swatch attack of the plaids

i love plaid...
loving all of it out there lately...

Friday is officially Shoe Day!!!!!

ShoeDAy??-- I should make everyday shoe day....

ill taste maker StevenHuynh's Shoes on 9.14.07 -- VANs!!

Thanks for the pic Steven!!!

My shoes on 9.14.07-- courtesy of Creative Rec


Michelle of Nylon Mag posted this ill find and commented..."NEON orange mesh penny loafers by Christian Louboutin for Chris Benz.Genious."


I fully agree.


the full effect


i spy turq wayfarers

nice gramps jkt n cupcakes/ I like
amazing dress

fierce ladies/ mad earrings

wind jkt a la my moms 80's wrkout gear/
color blocked/ turq n lime/
omg sideways tie-on???


Malibu as a Dusty Road

kind of loses it's glamour...


hot pink lip laquer

I like YSL's Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick

it has a super luxurious finish//fell for immediately//

-- color 5KAA is amazing...
and it even has SPF8


here's my lil run down... I'm thinking that fluorescence goes hand in hand with the comeback of colorful denim -->are you noticing all the neon ?/// it's not an illusion, eighties street wear izzzz back. im sure you caught it.(for serious the Agenda Show was a real eye opener) really though, I think it was canonized officially this year with the advent/allowance of Oakley frogskins POST the 60s wayfarer comeback...in the vein of on to the next on to the next. iridium frosted lenses on the classic silhouette have made way for fluorescence to reign supreme-- no pun on the supreme oakley shades... ok maybe just a lil for those street-wise style-junkies...


Victims of Purple:
Corpus V Neck- Pritty Much--> Lavender!!
Insight Stove Pipes - Pritty Much--> Lavender!!(wish I still had my red guess? skinnies with zippers from //i'm thinking// 1989!?!)

Then there was Labor Day...


C. Stokes- killin it with the f-stop/ that is at NIGHT.

Roos Pool-- D and D throwin the ill effect/ thx Schneider
Photos : Courtesy C. Stokes

Shades of Greige

Designer Micah Cohen -- haunting the Project halls with his stone cold wares...

I was in Vegas... (part of the 'away traveling' bit) .. I didn't do the best job of documenting the trip.. def a lost opportunity to bring that fasciunabubble perspectuv i keeps talking abouts, but alas... to live and to learn--



Prior to Mahinlani Visiting

Miss Sam Magowan did an install for her daaaarling friends at Posso the Spat. It turned out how you say???? Sick Sick Sick. As did the party hosted by Posso on behalf of Kin...
All the hamsters were out in full effect. I say that lovingly as I too was there.xx

ps That is the illustrious artist herself caught on her mexi blanki... I spy a Mark and Estel top, but I must say the neon acrylic cuff by Bottega Veneta is mostest yummy.

Away // Deep-fRIEd-Shoes// DRIES

So I've been away traveling... but mostly I fried my effin hard drive/uggghhhh what a night mare.
anywho... those are the feet of Miss Mahinlani--- she has ill fluorescent orange polish from Ricky's NYC on those toesies and killer Dries Van Noten heels she knocked down in LA... mine are Dries toooo . we got them together. oh the joy of shoe shopping!!! actually my brother got me them for my birthday--- he just didnt know it yet. Thanks Bro!!