just like whoah

east village, NYCPhoto: Nick Whitehouse

i want her shoes

i'm serious.. where can i get them?

but on the otherhand, stylewise, am i attracted to her look because it is somewhat reminiscent of a young axl rose?

kreeper keds?

not sure about the creeper/pointy style keds. okay they're for extra special hamsters. it's cool. maybe a lil too cool for my personal taste though, but that's alright. fyi however,i saw them EVERYWHERE. pointy women's tenni's on men??! who woulda thunk in the year 2007 we'd a seen that?

breaker breaker

windbreakers, im feelin it. i saw some sick ones in Spring08 lines at the tradeshows.
( i took this pic at the Capsule party. )
... i kind of wish i still had the one from when i was 8- it was pink and had a little white navigational wheel embroidered on it, nice white piping too...


Dilly Pickle

non sequitur [Origin: < L: it does not follow]

The ____________on twitter is amazing.

check twitter.com/lonelypickle17

the geniusness of twitter seems to be the micro-blog competition for randomness ie

Code Pickle like Fritos. Code Pickle like Tab and Mountain Dew
love love love



I love this guy. I wanted to put up the title "My New Boyfriend" , but then I thought ya'll might
think I was mocking him...so not. Great pic, ill steez//
"Henning (23)
I got this jacket from the Thriller video and i love it.
Photographer: Marius Nilsen
http://www.oslostil.com/date/2007-05-21/ "


...I love this girl. "Christine (19)
My dress is actually a skirt from Bik Bok, my stockings are from Steen&Strøm, head band from H&M and my Savannah-purse is from eBay.
Photographer: Kirsti Irgens Ertsås
http://www.oslostil.com/date/2007-06-04/ "


This is the work of Mr. Matt Shallenberger. Thought I'd make an introduction on his behalf,
as I happen to like his per.spec.tuv.
It's quirky, a lil off, /aka having style/, which I think is why it appeals to me.
check it out.

So, I asked Tui's T-Shirt to be my new V.B.F.F.

....do you think said T-shirt will say yessss? I'm waiting for an email...

"Tui (22) & Alistair (21)
Photographer: Lukas Renlund

"My style is mostly Robocop inspired."

"Ziggy (24)
I made this t-shirt myself "Creation Destruction". My style is mostly Robocop inspired. Photographer: Lukas Renlund http://www.oslostil.com/ "

gawwwd i love the internet. putting this kind of visual info at one's fingertips is pretty much...
love it.